Frequently asked questions

1. Derby Crash
1.1 How does the game work?
Crash is a game of chicken. You place your bet before a round start, and can cash out at any multiplyer you like. Be carefull thou , if the jockey crashes before you cash out you will loose your bet.
1.2 How are the crash point calculated ?
The crashpoint is calculated based on a well documented crash equation that is balanced towards any multiplyer . 5% of the time the game will crash on 1.00 , this is the house take.

the following shows the equation used :

private double CalculateCrashpoint(string seed)
  long me = (long)Math.Pow(2, 52);
  var DrawSeed = seed.Substring(0, 13);
  long h = long.Parse(DrawSeed, System.Globalization.NumberStyles.HexNumber);
  if (h % 20 == 0)
         return 1.00;
  return Math.Floor((double)(100 * me - h) / (double)(me - h)) / 100;

1.3 What is the max bet ?
The max bet on a crash round is 50$ or 5000 credits
1.4 How high can the multiplyer go ?
In principple there are no upper limit to the multiplyer. In order to ensure that we are allways solvent the game will auto cashout anyone reaching a win amount that is equal to the value of our bank.
1.5 How does the auto cashout work ?
If you set the auto cashout to cash you out at "2.0", when the multiplier gets to x2.0 it will automatically cash you out. Keep in mind that you need to set the auto cashout before you bet, since moving the auto cashout after your bet is placed, will not work.

You can allways choose to manually cash out, even if you have set an auto cashout value. We recommend allways setting an auto cashout in case of disconnect or other network related problems.

Auto cashout is turned off when red (x 1.00) when auto cashout is green it is turned on.
2. Derby Roulette
2.1 How does the game work?
The game works like a Roulette, essentially. Each horse has a set win percentage and a set payout, that are displayed on the page. Bet on your favorite horse and cheer for it to reach the finishline first.
2.2 How do we know it is a fair game ?
We use Provably fair to determine the winners. Everything can be checked manually by going to "Previous Winners" - Clicking a specific race, and using the numbers provided. An explanation of the provably fair system can be found here. There is allso a direct link to a validator listet under each race.
2.3 What is the maximum and minimum bet allowed ?
At present time the maximum allowed winner bet is 5000 credits and minimum bet is 1 credits. Theese limits may be subject to change at any time.
2.4 How come the horses that haven't been bet on still run?
Since every horse has a set win percentage aswell as payout, they have to participate in every race, just like a roulette wheel displays all colors even though some have not been bet on.
2.5 Win chances and ticket ranges
The basic set of tickets is calculated as a subset of 54 tickets that are then translated to a win % for each horse. Below is listed the winchances and tickets for each horse in the race.

Yellow horse Average winrate : 10/54 Ticketrange 0 - 0.1850
Blue horse Average winrate : 25/54 Ticketrange 0.1850 - 0.6480
Green horse Average winrate : 2/54 Ticketrange 0.6480 - 0.6850
Red horse Average winrate : 17/54 Ticketrange 0.6850 - 1
3. Trading
3.1 I have accepted a trade but the system keeps saying it is pending - why ?
When you have accepted a trade via steam our system need to verify it. Normally this process is very fast but at peak times we may have trouble getting service from steam, and this can delay the time it takes to verify. Please allow time for the system to process the trade. If the problem persist at the trade does not automatically goes through please contact support and we will help you sort out the problem.
3.2 I keep getting the error 26 - what should i do ?
The error 26 is a steam error indicating that you are trying to process an invalid item. If you are trying to deposit, please try to refresh your inventory. If you are trying to withdraw it probably mean the item is allready withdrawn for another user.
3.3 I get the error FailedEscrow - what should i do ?
If you get this error it means that your steam account have escrow restrictions attatched to it. If you wish to use our services you will need to enable a steam validator to your account and wait for steam to remove your escrow restrictions.
3.4 I made a deposit, but haven't received my coins!
After making a deposit, you have to click the "Confirm" button in the deposit tab to receive your credits, it's our way of making sure the trade has gone through flawlessly. Same goes for withdraws.
3.5 Do I have to wager after depositing to be able to withdraw?
To withdraw after you’ve deposited you must have bet 75% of the coins that you deposited, we have this rule to prevent our skin bank from being used as a trading platform. So if you deposit 100 coins, you have to have bet 75 coins before a withdrawal is possible.
4. Chat
4.1 Rules
We ask that you respect others while using the chatfunction. We reserve the right to, at any time, restrict users from using the chat if they dont behave in a manner we see fit.Please conduct yourself in a manner that is not offensive towards others. below is listed some guidelines for using our chat.

No spamming
No begging
No link
No codes paste
No act like administrator or moderator
To imitate a nickname or an avatar of system messages
To offer purchase, sale of skins and game values bypassing service Store
To offer purchase, sale and boost accounts
To send to a chat phone numbers, messengers, e-wallets
To communicate on political or religious subjects
To show signs of racism and nationalism
To propagandize drugs, alcohol, violence
To offend and threaten service administration

Please note that the language used in chat is english and english ONLY!
4.2 I have been banned - how do i get my chat back ?
If you have been banned due to flooding the chat, your chatrestriction is a timerestricted ban, and it will be lifted automatically by the system when it expires. Please note that repeatable offences against the rules will result in increasingly more severe penalty.

If you feel that you have been unjustly banned by an admin or the system , you can try to contact our support to have the ban lifted
4.3 How do I send coins?
In order to send coins, you have to clicks a users name in chat, click "Send credits", enter the amount of coins you wish to give said person, and hit send. You must have made a deposit in order to send credits, and fulfill all playthrough requirements (3.5 & 7.6)
5.1 When i click the login button nothing happens - what is wrong ?
Sometimes is not available for service. When steam is down you will not be able to log in to our website. We advice you to try again later - steam is usually not down for longer periods of time.
6. Privacy
6.1 Is my login information being stored ?
No we do not store any user data. We store your steamID, balance and bet historie.
6.2 Can others see my profile ?
Yes, by using our website u agree to others can see your name, avatar, link to steam profile and your bets.
7. Free coins
7.1 Who is the Jockey?
The Jockey is a chat bot, with the purpose of handling all free-coins related things, such as Rain and Trivia.
7.2 What is Rain?
Rain is a way for us to give our players free coins, when creating a rain, we tell the Jockey how many credits we want to give out, that amount is then divided by how many players entered the rain by typing !grab and having our URL ( in their name. Say we give out 420 credits, and 12 people enter, they will each get 35 coins (420 / 12 = 35). Rain is not required to occur a specific amount of times per day or anything of that sort, it's the owners decision when and how much will rain.
7.3 What is Trivia?
Trivia is another way we can give our users free coins, which is also being run through the Jockey, who will ask you the question, amount of winners and how many credits each winner will receive.
7.5 What is a bonus code?
A bonus code is a third way for us to give out free coins to our users. Only owners can create these codes, when doing so, they decide how much the code will reward, and for how many players untill it expires. These will typically be found on our twitter, or in a youtubers video.
7.6 I won a trivia, used an affiliate code, bonus code or collected rain over time, and can't withdraw it, why?
There's a playthrough requirement of 10x on all free coins, so after using an affiliate, and receiving your 50 coins, you have to wager a total of 500 coins in order to withdraw. If you lose all your coins before being able to wager 500 coins, the requirement is lifted, and won't affect your next deposit.
8. Ranks and bonuses
8.1 How do i rank up ?
You rank up by betting. Everytime you bet you get closer to the next rank. Check your current and next rank by typing /rank in chat.
8.2 Rank list and Bonuses
1. Trainee all
2. Private bet 1.00
3. Private First Class bet 5.00
4. Corporal bet 10.00
Type in all chatrooms
5. Sergeant bet 50.00
Daily gift enabled
6. Staff Sergeant bet 100.00
7. Sergeant First Class bet 250.00
0.5 % Deposit bonus
8. Master Sergeant bet 1000.00
8x Playthrough on free credits
9. 2nd Lieutenant bet 2500.00
50 % Playthrough on deposits
10. 1st Lieutenant bet 7500.00
1 % Deposit bonus
11. Captain bet 10000.00
5x Playthrough on free credits
12. Major bet 20000.00
2 % Deposit bonus
13. Lieutenant Colonel bet 30000.00
Paste links in chat
14. Colonel bet 40000.00
Type in chat while its moderated
15. Brigadier General bet 50000.00
3 % Deposit bonus
16. Major General bet 60000.00
No playthrough on free credits
17. Lieutenant General bet 70000.00
4 % Deposit bonus
18. General bet 80000.00
25 % Playthrough on deposits
19. Marshall bet 90000.00
5 % deposit Bonus
20. Global Elite bet 100000.00
Derby Firetag
We ask that you respect the other users while using the csgo-derby chat

- dont spam
- dont beg
- only english in english channel

Theese commands are available to you

- /rank
- /play
- /send steam64 amount