Provably fair system

You can always be sure that all races on is legitimately fair and random based. This is possible because we implement whats is called a provably fair system. A provably fair system allows you to re-create the steps we take to fairly draw a winner, and the system we implement guarantee' s 100% safe ,secure, and honest random drawing.

How does it work ?

We have pre-generated 2.5 million seeds for each of our games. The seeds are generated by hashing a starting seed onto itself 2.5 million times, using sha256 hash. The seeds are essentially a long un-broken chain of seeds that can be veryfied by anyone as beein un-broken. It can be verifyed very easy because any race seed will be a hash of the next race's seed, and the chain can therefore not be tampered with. Anyone can take a seed from our chain and essentially re-create every seed ever used to date since this system was implemented.

Whenever a race or a crash round starts on CSGO-Derby, it is generated based off the last un-used seed in the chain, and the seed is used to determine the winner of the race or round. By using this method we ensures complete transparancy and guaratees that the outcome was 100% predetermined at the time of the chain generation.

The Code

Derby Roulette

The following line of code is used to generate the seed hash shown before ever race (C#)

RaceSeedHash = BitConverter.ToString(MD5.Create().ComputeHash(Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(seed))).Replace("-", "");

The codes used to draw the winner can be summed up in a few lines of code that anyone can replicate. We use the first 8 bytes of the seed to seed the random number generator (C#)

RandomGenerator = new Random(Int32.Parse(tbServerSeed.Text.Trim(' ').Substring(0, 8), System.Globalization.NumberStyles.HexNumber));
Winning draw = RandomGenerator.NextDouble();

Verify any race

Below is listed the winchances and tickets for each horse in the race. The winning draw will fall within one of the ranges and determine the winner.

Yellow horse Average winrate : 10/54 Ticketrange 0 - 0.1850
Blue horse Average winrate : 25/54 Ticketrange 0.1850 - 0.6480
Green horse Average winrate : 2/54 Ticketrange 0.6480 - 0.6850
Red horse Average winrate : 17/54 Ticketrange 0.6850 - 1

Fill out the seed for any race from the seed chain and we will show you that this seed determined the winner of the race.


We are happy to provide an honest game to the community. Good luck and have fun at the track

The team
We ask that you respect the other users while using the csgo-derby chat

- dont spam
- dont beg
- only english in english channel

Theese commands are available to you

- /rank
- /play
- /send steam64 amount