Provably fair system

You can allways be sure that all races on is legitimately fair and random based. This is possible because we implement whats is called a provably fair system. A provably fair system allows you to re-create the steps we take to fairly draw a winner. Because we announce a hash of any race seed before the race starts, it is impossible for anyone (including us) to interfere with the drawing of the race without it beeing visible to our users.

How does it work ?

Whenever a new race is generated on a secret race seed that influence the outcome of the race is generated by the server. We generate a hash of this seed and show it to the users when the betting opens on a race. After the race is over the seed is announced, and the user can verify that the race seed was indeed the one used to generate the hash and therefore was determined prior to any betting on the race.

The Code

Derby Roulette

In addition to the above we include the racenumber AND the total credits placed in the race when drawing the winner. By doing this we ensure that anytime anyone places a bet, he is infact influencing the draw making it impossible to guess the outcome even if anyone was in posession of the race seed. You can use the following line of code to verify that the race hash announced pre-race is the one used to draw the winner (C#)

RaceSeedHash = BitConverter.ToString(MD5.Create().ComputeHash(Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(seed))).Replace("-", "");

The codes used to generate the drawing seed and draw the winner can be summed up in a few lines of code that anyone can replicate given the values that existed in the race (C#)

var ByteSeed = MD5.Create().ComputeHash(Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(tbServerSeed.Text.Trim(' ') + tbRaceNumber.Text.Trim(' ') + tbTotalBet.Text.Trim(' ')));
var DrawSeed = BitConverter.ToString(ByteSeed).Replace("-", "");
RandomGenerator = new Random(BitConverter.ToInt32(Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(DrawSeed), 4));
Winning draw = RandomGenerator.NextDouble();

Verify any race

Fill out the values that existed for any given race and we will show you that the winner was indeed drawn from theese values. You can allso implement your own test with the code given above. Notice how changing either of the used values will change the winning draw.


We are happy to provide an honest game to the community. Good luck and have fun at the track

The team